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Homework Help: Statistics question

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    I have this Statistics problem I want to see if I properly understand..

    An educator wants to compare the effectiveness of computer software that teaches reading with that of a standard reading curriculum. She tests the reading ability of each student in a class of fourth gradersm then divides them into two groups. One group uses the computer regularly, while the other studies a standard curriculum. At the end of the year, she retests all the students and compares the increase in reading ability in the two groups.

    What are the explanatory and response variables?

    I wrote:
    The explanatory variable is the two groups and the response variable is the effective method of teaching.

    Am I right or wrong? (If I'm wrong, explain why I'm wrong please)

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    I think that the explanatory variable would be the method of teaching and the response variable would be the increase in students' scores. I think you'd be trying to say whether or not the teaching method predicts the increase in students' scores.
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