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Homework Help: Statistics: SSE, MSE, R^2, and C-statistic | Fill in the blank puzzle

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    I'm studying for a final exam and I'm having trouble with this particular question. I attached the data required to solve the problem. I am required to fill in the missing information in the data. I've defined the acronyms below:

    SSE = Sum of Square Errors
    MSE = Mean Square of Errors
    C = C-statistic or Ck value.
    R2 = Coefficient of Determination
    Adj. R2 = Adjusted Coefficient of Determination

    sample size, n=20

    Each row represents the information for a particular model. For example, row 1 has all the information (SSE, MSE, etc) for the model y=B0+B1x3+epsilon. The same goes for row 2, row 3 and so on.

    I found R2 (.791), but I'm having a hard time finding the other information. For example, how do we find SStotal? given the information in the attached file.

    I appreciate your help,


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