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Statistics Text book.

  1. Dec 14, 2013 #1
    Hello all,
    I am finishing up my sophomore year as a physics major. I have taken several mathematics courses over the passed two years, and have made great grades, but I don't feel I have the mathematical background I should. I have taken college algebra, trig, calculus 1 through 3, and statistics. I have made great grades so far, A's in all math classes and A's and B's in my science classes. Not to down grade my university, I have never been required a text book in any of my mathematics classes. I just finished calculus based physics 1 and realized that I need to study math more.
    So, what I am asking for are some recommendations on a good statistics textbook; something with more of a science background.

    I have a couple of calculus textbooks already, Swokowski's and Thomas's. I see most of you prefer Spivak. Is there enough of a difference between the two calculus texts that I already have to justify buying Spivak?
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