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Stator inlet angle in turbomachine?

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    I am wondering about the following action in a stator:

    If the inlet angle in a stator is B, and the outlet angle is -B, what exactly is happening? Axial vlocity should be constant, and so should the relative velocities except being mirrored and i am asuming infinitely thin blades.. Can i somehow know how the corss sections of the inlet and outlet to the stator relate to eachother?

    My thought is that since it is a stator, all static properties are the same therefore the density will be the same. And since the axial velocity and mass flow are the same, the area should also be the same, meaning A0/A1 = 1. Am i thinkng correctly?

    If this was a rotor, would it be correct to say that the reaction degree is 0?
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