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Stator ring construction Help

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    Hello all,

    I am currently working on a project that requires a stator ring like the ones found in electric motors where there are 2-3phases of electromagnetic coils placed in a circular fashion with a pole pointing towards the center (look at picture below). The coils would be powered by AC current to make a rotating magnetic field as I do not think DC would create the necessary rotating magnetic field, plus every 2-3 phase motor I have seen on the web has been AC with a 3 phase switch(which I do not know what it is). I am having a hard time finding information on how to build my own stator ring. Like I do not know how to connect each coil to the others in order to make a rotating magnetic field and I cannot find a formula that tells me how many turns I will need to use to create a magnetic field of about 1.3-2 T, which is the strength I need to use since I have to also use neodymium magnets and the magnetic field strength has to be about the same for the project. Since a neodymium magnet is about 1.3-2 T at its surface I need to have about that magnetic field strength using the stator.

    I would appreciate any help you guys could give. Are there any websites that show how to build stator rings, how to connect the coils together and shows how many turns of coils needed for a certain magnetic field strength? Are there any books with this information? Are there any stores that I could go to and ask? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have googled brushless motors and stator rings, stator coils, etc and all of the information I have found has showed me in what order to connect the windings together but I cannot find information on how the connected windings connect to the 3-phase AC switch or how many turns in each coil I need to create a rotating magnetic field of strength 1.5-2 T as the neodymium magnets that I am also using in my project is about 1.3-2 T at its surface. Would I use the solenoid equation B=u*n*I where n is N/L for each coil of the stator?
    I cannot find a formula to tell me how many turns per coil I need for my stator ring to create a 2 T rotating magnetic field. Does anyone know how I can tell how many turns I need?

    Also, what three phase automatic switch would work best for a stator ring? In other words, what do I connect the three wires to? Do you guys know of any stator assembly manuals or directions on how to assemble and connect the stator and to tell how many turns are needed.

    Note I am trying to construct just the stator ring, not a motor. All I want to make is a stator ring with a rotating magnetic field.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you guys in advance for any help you can provide in my first venture in electrical engineering by creating a rotating magnetic field using a steel stator ring, coils of wire, and a 3-phase ac switch.


    Picture of a stator ring that I found on the internet, mine will be a steel ring with the 6 notches for the coils pointing inwards so the rotating magnetic field will be inside the ring:

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