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Homework Help: Stats Problem

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    OK, here is the question... its probably simple but i cant figure it out.

    A machine used to regualte the amount of dye dispensed for mixing shades of paint can be set so that it discharges an average of mu milliliteres(mL) of dye per can of paint. The amount of dye discharged is known to have a normal distribution with standard deviation of 0.4 mL. If more than 6 mL of dye are discharged when making a certain shade of blue paint, thd shade is unacceptable. Determine the setting for mu so that only 1% of the cans of paint will be unacceptable.

    Thanks a lot!!!
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    Ok, so you first want to find how many standard deviations you can be away from your given mu so that only 1% come above the limit of 6 mL, given that standard deviation is two sided, you must find the number of standard deviations you can be away from the mean such that only 2% of the data does not fall within the given area. Then, you can take this number, which is the number of standard deviations the data is allowed to deviate from the median and multiply it by the given standard deviation, .4 mL This should give you a mu for which only 1% of your results will come above 6 mL.

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