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Stats question for TI 84

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    I'm not sure if this is the correct section to post this in, but I need some help with my graphing calculator. I also posted this in the Statistics section.

    I am given a set of X and Y data (2 sets of numeric data) and I need to find out how to find the Sxx, Syy, and Sxy in my TI84 graphing calculator. My professor went over it way to quickly in class and I am struggling. Please help!

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    This is the best that I can find and its very sparse but may make sense to you:


    On page five of this pdf, it shows how to calculate these values but doesn't show the calculator steps:

    http://depts.washington.edu/chemcrs/bulkdisk/chem145HA_aut05/lab_handout_Special_Appendix_A.pdf [Broken]



    Looking at these, I think the problem may be that the s notation is not universally used making it difficult to search on.

    Perhaps you can ask a fellow student or better the professor him/her self? They may be using a built-in function or some addon function that you need to include on your calculator and thats why you can't do it.
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