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Stats sampling

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    The marketing manager of humber marketing tests new sales strategy by randomly selecting 250 consumers with a gross income less than $50000, and 250 consumers with a gross income more than 50000. this type of samping is an example of:

    a) cluster sampling
    b) convenience sampling
    c) stratified sampling
    d) random sampling
    e) systematic sampling

    i answered systematic sampling but got it wrong, i know its not cluster sampling...im stuck between the other 3 choices..could some plz help fast...thnx
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    Hint: Neither group of 250 is a representative sample of the entire population. They represent two different CATEGORIES of the population, based on income. (So it's obviously not random sampling!) So you need to find out what kind of sampling corresponds to taking representative samples of various groups or categories of the population based on, for example, income, age, etc. Just look up the def'ns if you can't recall...
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