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Statue of Jesus reportedly dripping blood

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    Ivan Seeking

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    http://www.catholiccitizens.org/press/contentview.asp?c=13937 [Broken]
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    You know, ok, I believe it. It really is bleeding. Get the red cross over to that sucker and start bagging that blood ASAP.

    I mean, if a statue, an inanimate object, is bleeding human blood, lets find out what blood type it is, bag it and start using it to fill our gap in blood donations.

    Imagine how it would feel to have the blood of jesus running through your body.

    Gimme a friggin 12 pack of kit kat bars.
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    Yeah, there's so much of this crap floating around. It's jsut claims. My computer bleeds the blood of einstein from time to time too, mainly when I'm browsing physics forums.
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    People have seen blood flow from Christianity since before the first Crusade.
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