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Status of EP @ US and abroad

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    status of EP @ US and "abroad"

    how do companies and in general univeristies in america and abroad(i am an indian) rank an engineering phsyics course ..by rank i mean is it considered as a course for top graders or for peopel who are just average...or so
    like in india
    we have top graders choosing computer scinece then come electronics then eletcrical then mechanical and so on....
    actually EP is quite new to india so i am asking thi?
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    Courses aren't really "ranked" - at least not to my knowledge. Admission to each program is determined based on marks attained in qualifying courses in high school or at other universities. The cut-offs to get into each program vary from year to year. I don't know what's more in demand at the moment.

    Generally you should be well above average in highschool level physics and math if you want to be successful in any branch of engineering or physics. (Although being above average in high school does not guarantee that you will do well once you're admitted.)
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    yes that's what i asked ...does EP have a high cut off or a low one?
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    I don't think there is a general answer to that question. EP isn't really a "standardized" program, the curriculum varies a lot even between universities in the came country and ranges from being "EE with extra physics" to "physics with a bit of engineering".

    The cut-off will obviously also vary between universites, but I think it is fair to say that good EP programs are usually held in high regard.

    Moreover, you need to remember that the cut-off depends not only on the people applying but also on the size of the course.
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    hmm well let me put it straight...
    I want to pursue EP at IIT's(in india) they are the number 1 Tech institutes in india and want to apply for Ms to say Princeton or MIT.
    So i just wanted to know if that wud help my CV i mean will they be impressed "sufficiently" by the fact that i studied EP ?or wud they think that i am an "average" student?
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    you shouldn't pursue majors or concentrations based on how others will percieve them.
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    What do you plan to do an MSc in? Would it be physics or engineering? If you want detailed answers on whether prestigious grad schools would accept applicants with a specific BSc for a particular masters course, you should check out their websites to see if they would accept grad students who majored in engineering physics. You mentioned MIT and Princeton earlier, so why not just navigate to their website and check their grad school degree requirements?
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    but 'sadly' enuf good institutions have certain requirements which u need to fulfill
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