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Stay an extra year + (NOT do two minors with Major) for a double major?

  1. Jan 18, 2013 #1
    I have a terrible dilemma. Here's my story:

    I'm a first year undergrad. in my second semester, in the Science Honours Physics (Experimental Stream) program. I just recently added a minor in Comp. Sci, because a lot of the courses required by my major and the minor were common, so I thought that it wouldn't hurt to do only a few additional courses for a minor rather than the regular 8.

    My problem: Recently, I've really really started to like Pure Mathematics and have come to realize the importance of proofs in my understanding of Mathematics, rather than solving equations the way we currently are. I'm afraid that by continuing to take the engineering Math courses, I'm missing out on a lot of essential Math required at the graduate level. This is when I thought about switching to the Theoretical Stream in my physics program. Here, I'd replace the 2 electronics courses and a fourth year physics instruments course with 2 Math courses and a second quantum mechanics course, and would be able to add a minor in Mathematics in addition to the Comp Sci. minor without any additional work. However, this doesn't solve the problem of me being afraid that I'm missing out on some very important Mathematics. I then started looking up the Math and Physics double major offered by the university. I don't know why I didn't apply for this program during my admission (I'm stupid), because if I decide to enter it now, I'll have to wait until my second year starts. This is because the Math courses the students in the double major are required to take are 2-semester courses, rather than the one-semester courses I am currently doing. I can't start any of these until next semester (my second year). In other words, if I want to switch to the Math and Phys. double major (which I really do), I'd have to stay an entire year, and pay an entire year of living costs and tuition without a loan (I do have a 75% tuition scholarship, but I'd still have to somehow come up with additional money, as I don't think I'm eligible for a loan. My parents took me out of the country in grade 9, and we're required to live here for 12 months before uni. starts to be eligible for the loan.)

    So what I would like to ask of you is: Instead of doing Honours Physics (Theoretical Stream) with a Comp. Sci. minor and a Mathematics minor should I stay an additional year to do a Mathematics and Physics double major? Alternatively, is it possible for me to do pure Math on my own? I will buy the textbooks, and I will read them. I started sitting in a Pure Math introductory course on my free time, and loved it. If I can self-study the Pure Math, I can keep the two minors I have right now, stay in my current physics program (I'd have to switch from the experimental to theoretical stream to be able to do the Math minor, though.) AND don't have to pay for an additional year. Is it the double major worth it...?
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