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Stay happy with a Bachy?

  1. Dec 14, 2009 #1
    I lurk this forum and have noticed I'm not nearly as motivated as many of you, lol. It's seems like a lot of people eager to get into grad school are members of 27 clubs and juggling 35 projects all at once. I like learning the material in my major, but I'm really lazy when it comes to doing work (money is the only decent motivator). I like wasting time surfing the interweb and playing Call of Duty for hours. I might join a club or two and complete a required design project, but that's most likely it.

    If I'm only interested in working a 9-5 kind of job should I just stick with my BS? Can I live comfortably (+$45k) with only a BS?
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    You can make 45k+ on a high school diploma. My father makes 6 figures on a 7th grade education. Very few of my coworkers have a degree, but about 25% of them make more than 45k. I work part time there during the semesters and full time during the summer break, and I'm not a great salesman, and I still made 30k, even in this terrible economy. (I'm a mattress salesman.)

    Your limiting factor won't be your BS degree, it will be your self-professed laziness.
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    IT support could be a good track for you. I eventually got up to 45K, after a few lazy years of turning up 9 to 5. Sales might be a bit stressful. That play by Miller put me off...
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    I recommend that you find a type of work that you are passionate about. If you are passionate about what you are doing then you will likely be motivated to do it and will have a better chance of succeeding. A lot of the motivated people you speak of on this forum really enjoy what they are doing which is why it isn't as hard for them to stay focused. And Jack is right, you BS degree won't be the problem, your lack of motivation will be.
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