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Stay or switch high schools?

  1. Dec 21, 2013 #1
    Stay or switch high schools?!?!?!

    Math and science are my favorite subjects. I like to challenge myself and take the hardest classes. However, my school doesn't have AP Calculus BC or AP Physics C. I'm currently a soft-more. Should I switch schools, or just take those classes in college?

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    Can you take those classes at a local community college?
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    Can you switch schools? That doesn't seem like a decision you can make on your own, actually none of these are decisions you can pull off with out parental support. Have you talked to your guardians?
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    I hope that you learn that it's 'sophomore' before you go to college. 'Soft-more' sounds like some kind of marshmallow.
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    Actually, I haven't checked yet
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    Ya, my parents are ok with whatever decision I make
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    Haha, I accidentally forgot a letter and my ipad auto-corrected me
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    Wow, you have some good parents then. You should 1. Speak with your schools guidance counselor to ensure they don't offer these courses in another way. 2. Ask your parents to talk to your schools administration and see if its possible to realistically transfer you to a school were such courses are offered. 3. Have your parents sign a wavier and allow you to attend classes at a CC, and provide you transportation to do all these things of course.
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    If your goal is to use AP credit to skip physics 1 and 2 as well as calculus 1 and 2 once you enter university then you don't need to actually take AP Physics C and AP Calc BC classes; you can study the subjects yourself using the standard textbooks for the respective classes (e.g. Halliday and Resnick for Physics C) and sign up for the respective AP exams. The college board doesn't require you to have taken the classes for the APs beforehand.

    If on the other hand you really want to be in a physics C and/or calc BC classroom environment whilst in high school then taking the community college equivalents would be your best bet.
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    Well, there is this other high school that offers those classes that I was thinking of taking in my junior year. I just don't know if leaving friends and having to drive extra is worth taking classes that I can just take in college.
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    If it's worth anything, I'm currently a junior physics major and my high school didn't offer any AP courses... At all. I finished high school with precalc and college algebra and one semester of physics. I actually found this to be advantageous. I started off thinking I was way behind the other students in calc when I went to university therefore I studied extremely hard and ended up getting the top grade. This trend continued due to forming good habits during my first year. Many of my friends on the other hand already thought they knew everything so hardly studied. Some skipped calc I and physics I all together using AP credit and as a result, had large gaps in their knowledge base. It honestly is not a big deal to start from the bottom if you are not able to switch schools.
  13. Dec 21, 2013 #12
    Thanks everyone
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