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Staying in touch with (fin.math) scientific community

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    (Not really sure whether it should go into Academic of Career Guidance - it's kind of on the boundary)

    I've recently obtained a MSc in financial and actuarial mathematics, and have been working as actuary assistant for about a year now, likely planning to become qualified.

    I've come to realize that during my years in university I, for some reason, failed to make any (international) connections with people from my field, which is very unfortunate, because I would like to stay connected, despite currently having no relations with academia.

    I was wondering how I could improve the situation. Perhaps subscribing to some peer-reviewed journals? I don't want more than two: one concerning the fundamentals of economics/markets, and the other being more mathematical, dealing with applications of stochastic analysis and such to finance/actuarial science. Can anyone give any recommendations? Is it at all worth it?

    Reading papers and articles to keep in touch with modern developments may be a good idea, but how about putting myself in a position where I could also participate in discussions (or even present my own ideas)? Do I really need to enroll in a PhD program for that, or is it also possible to do that staying in the 'industry'?

    To summarize, I would like to be 'active' in the field (financial mathematics, actuarial science, general economics), but not sure how to. Is there such an option that doesn't require enrolling in a PhD program? (I do, in general, want to do a PhD, but it seems I don't (yet) have a topic I'm sure I'd like to research)

    Thanks in advance.
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