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Staying motivated and energised

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    I have this problem which I believe a number of posters here do as well, but I have no idea what to do to overcome it. Basically the problem is that I find that I don't have enough motivation or energy for studying during a normal school day at college. I know that it is during your twenties that you are supposed to be energetic and motivated, but somehow I just don't feel it all. There were times when I really did try my best to study in between lectures and school hours and do extra problems not assigned as tutorials, but I become so mentally exhausted by the effort that I sometimes actually fall asleep without realising it during lectures that follow. How many hours of study is recommended from personal experience during school days? Is it possible to study and do problems in between lectures without tiring oneself out?

    I really envy people whom I've heard are able to work during the day and study through the night continuously. I'm not studying/working part time, so it's rather discouraging to me that these people actually manage to pull that off whereas I fail to do so as a full-time student. I thought of taking health supplements, but I don't want to be dependent on drugs. I believe it's probably possible to mentally motivate myself, but this happens quite rarely and certainly not on a regular basis. What do you guys do to energise and motivate yourself throughout the day and night? I just don't feel I have the energy of someone in their twenties, and it's supposed to get worse as I age.
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    You just have to change your mindset and break your routines. If you say you can't do something over and over again then it will translate to you being frustrated and wondering why you are not motivated.

    Instead replace all "I can't" with "I can." Think positively about everything. And exercise if you don't already. And most important have fun with this.
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    I have a similar problem, just if I don't enjoy what I am learning I can't keep motivated, and any chance for a break I will take it. Recently I've been forcing myself, and after a while it becomes second nature and you begin to enjoy it.
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    I don't find the technique of repeatedly telling myself "I can do it" effective at all. It seems to me to be a rather empty statement desiged to psychologically "trick" myself into being motivated. Once you realise this, basically none of the "positive thinking" tricks you've heard about works.
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    Awww, c'mon man, hook yerself up with some drugs. Everybody's doing it. Do you want to be left out of the crowd and not be cool?

    But seriously, if you can get yourself diagnosed with ADD, the stimulants they prescribe for that do wonders for feeling sluggish. Forget herbal supplements.
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    I know how you feel, I just did very bad on my Physics exam. SLAP ME NOW!
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    You know, on a personal note, I'll much rather not be dependent on drugs at all. I'm looking for some advice on lifestyle changes first. The ADD medication route would be my last resort. And I do believe if I didn't do well for an exam it's because I always felt too fatigued to study for it. So solving that problem would help my studying a lot.
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    As waht said, exercise...

    Exercise Improves Learning And Memory

    Exercise induces depression-blocking gene

    Throughout millions of years of human evolution we've had to be physically active if we wanted to stay alive - so it shouldn't come as any surprise that it's better for us to be doing things than it is for us to just sit in front of a desk.

    Perhaps get some weights that you can use for a couple minutes every now and then while studying, or do some push-ups. And when you can't get up to exercise, I'd imagine that just sitting in your chair in a way that allows you to move a foot or leg in a small repetitive motion (as though you're antsy about having to sit down, or you're keeping up to a tune in your head) would be a good thing as it'd keep your blood circulation up...

    Also, your diet is another important factor. For example:

    A high-fat breakfast can lead to an unhealthy day
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    You're aware that most drugs come from plants, right?
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    An herbal supplement is not the same thing as a drug that comes from a plant. At least it's not supposed to be - although some herbal supplement manufacturers illicitly slip in drugs that aren't on the ingredient list.

    As far as the amphetamine stimulants taken for ADD are concerned, I believe we only recently discovered natural amphetamines in plants and they haven't been processed into any medications yet. I'm pretty sure the amphetamines on the market are synthetic.
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    positive people, cardio exercise, and sex with girls who tell you how hot you are! These three combined in any order will give you the confidence and motivation of a maniac frankenstein.
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