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Homework Help: Steady Flow Energy Equation

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    Hi, first post so here goes:
    I'm having a little trouble with a question on my tutorial, and im not sure what to do. Here it is:
    Steam under steady flow conditions has the following states:

    Initial Conditions:
    Pressure - 47 Bar
    Spec Volume - 0.09957 m^3 / kg
    Internal energy - 3420 kJ/kg
    Velocity - 21 m/s

    Final Conditions:
    Pressure - 10 Bar
    Spec Volume - 0.1636 m^3 /kg
    Internal Energy - 2440 kJ/kg
    Velocity - 38 m/s

    Heat is added to the surroundings at the rate of 0.75 kJ/s, if the rate of steam flow is 0.36kg/s calculate the rate of work transfer

    I have been given the formula:

    (C1^2 /2) + u1 +p1v1 + q =(C2^2 /2) +u2 +p2v2 + w

    thanks for any help in advance,
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    im guessing the
    u is internal energy,
    v is velocity
    p is pressure (in N/m)
    c is specific volume?

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