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Homework Help: Steady Flow Equation

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    Does anybody know how to prove this equation

    t1/t2 = (p1/p2)^(n-1/n)

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    Tell us about the equation. What are the variables, what does it represent. The more information you can provide the more we will be able to help.
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    t= temperature
    p= pressure
    n can be written as gamma(γ) which is 1.4
    ive found out that t1/t2 = 1+((γ-1)/2)(m^2)
    where m is the mach number
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    so, are (p1,t1) and (p2,t2) thermodynamic variable for two states? Is the state an ideal gas? Is the process which takes you to the new state adiabatic?

    It'll be easier to help if you post the exact question.
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