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Steady State of a Filter

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    If I am trying to find the steady state coefficients of a filter, when do I know the coefficients went into the steady state? In another words, steady state means it converged to a single value or that it is bounded between values? If say it is bounded between values how would I go about deciding what coefficients to use?
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    Not sure of your filter architecture or what you are really doing. Sounds like an adaptive filter.
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    Is this to do with adaptive filters?

    Are you wanting starting values for the filter coefficient of an adaptive filter?
    Or are you wanting to know the values they take when adapted to a stable situation?

    A FIR filter will settle to a steady state in a fixed time. You know how long it will take from the design.

    The final steady state of an IIR filter must be extrapolated numerically as it will never quite get to a final value and history will always effect it to some extent.
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