Steam power generator

Does anyone know a suitable engine / turbine / expander that can run under 2 bar (30 PSI) of pressure and generate upto 1 kw power output? Basically a high torque, low pressure.....i have been searching like crazy everywhere, cannot find anything...Also will a manufactured tesla turbine be able to do this? I have access to a mechanical workshop, but if this product is readily available off the shelf it would be nice. Or if any of u guys know of any mods to compressors or anything please share your ideas....

Thank u all
If you are only going to develop 1KW it probably is not worth while the capital outlay will buy you a great many KW-Hrs from your local electricity supplier.
It would need to be piston driven and fairly large. If you are using steam to drive it, do you realize that at that low presure you have very low efficiency? The power from steam comes from the superheat not from vaporizing the water. The more superheat you put in the greater the efficiency.
im trying to develop a 1 kW on small scale , trying to make it usable in rural areas...where 1 kW does wonders, future large scale implements will b worked on :) what do u guys think about a reciprocating tesla engine?
chayved buddy, what kind of engine do u have in mind?
Have you looked into Stirling engines?
yes buddy, but getting one that fits my specs is tedious
Where will you be getting the steam from?
I am gonna be getting it from an evacuated vacuum solar panel in a closed thermosiphon circuit, using a heat exchanger.
As you are trying to generate electricity I guess that you need a fairly steady speed, otherwise have you considered an atmospheric engine?
I currently am thinking about a project using a brayton cycle. Seems to be the cheapest/safest option.

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