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Steam Table question

  1. Nov 1, 2005 #1
    Ok, using steam tables, calculate the specific entropy of steam with dryness fraction 0.63 and pressure of 2MPa.

    Can someone suggest how Id go about this?

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    If it has a quality (dryness fraction), x = 0.63, it is saturated steam at 2 MPa.

    let y be a property, e.g. specific volume, v, specific enthalpy, h, specific internal energy, u, or specific entropy, s.

    In a two phase system, each phase has these properties,

    yf or yl , where f denotes fluid and l liquid


    yg or yv , where g denotes gas and v vapor.

    The property of the mixture is just the mass weighted sum of the liquid and vapor property.

    y = (1-x) yf + x yg, or

    y = yf + x yfg,

    where yfg = yg - yf
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    Thanks Astronuc, I forgot that you could find entropy on the tables.
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