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Steam turbine blades analysis

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    i would like to do structural analysis for low pressure spindle blades in Ansys apdl.. but i couldnt do it coz of lack of knowledge about it.. Can anybody explain me where to apply force/ pressure and constraints and how to do it to find stress, strain and deformation in it.. please i had attached picture of those blades..

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    Any suggestions guys??
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    One of the major loads on a turbine blade will be due to the rotational forces acting to hurl the blade away from the spinning rotor. You will need to know the distance of the blade from the axis of rotation and the speed of rotation.

    If you want to add a loading on the blade due to the passage of steam, then you must determine the velocity, pressure, and temperature of the steam as it passes thru the particular stage of the turbine where the blade is located.
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    Is there any books, journals or tutorial videos which can i knw.. so that it will be lot easier.. thanks for ur reply
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