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Steel Cylinder mass

  1. Nov 14, 2008 #1

    I have a problem I want to find the mass of a hollow cylinder which is made of steel, the sylinder diameter is 2.5m, the length is 4m, then I have done my calculations as follow:

    Volume of the cylinder = Лd²/4 x h = 19.635 cubic meters

    Mass of cylinder = volume x denisity
    = 19.635 x 7800 = 153153 kg

    This a very big mass I think it's wrong but I don't know why if you know can you help me please?
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    You have calculated the mass of a solid steel cylinder. You need to know the wall thickness of the hollow cylinder, so you can exclude the hollow part in your calculation.
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    The wall thickness is 8 mm but Iam not sure how to do it? how to exclude it from the calculation?
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    When you calculate the volume, subtract out the inner diameter.

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