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Steel Glass?

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    Ok i dont know if this goes here or not but please let me know.
    Ok is it possible to have glass that has the strenght of steel but is still clear as in it's orginal state. Is this a possiblity? If so what is the cemical comp, i would like to know becase i am writing a book and would like to know so the characters can disscuss how to make improvments to the formula.

    Thank you
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    Steel can be given glasslike properties if it is processed correctly.

    Mention "glass," and a window pane comes to mind. But under certain conditions, a metal can also form as a glass, possessing properties that make it ideal for electric transformers, golf clubs and other products. Making useful metallic glasses is tricky, but a Johns Hopkins University researcher has taken on the challenge.
    To scientists, a glass is any material that can be cooled from a liquid to a solid without crystallizing. Most metals do crystallize as they cool, arranging their atoms into a highly regular spatial pattern called a lattice. But if crystallization does not occur, and the atoms settle into a nearly random arrangement, the final form is a metallic glass.
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    However, since metallic glasses are not transparent you might be interested in something like bulletproof glass (actually made from plastic).
    http://www.theboxotruth.com/bot06.htm [Broken]

    Another thing you might be interested in is borated glass (glass made with the addition of the element boron). This is what Pyrex (ovenproof glass) is.
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