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Steel heat treatment

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    Hi forumer,

    I have 2 specimens that need to be done hardening and tempering.

    I have found some journals for it. But i don't understand the following statement.

    "10mins/cm of ruling section" ; and

    "1 hour per 25mm of section"

    If my specimens dimension are:

    A) 12.5mm X 12.5mm X 100mm ;and

    B) 12.5mm X 31mm X 32mm.

    So, how long should be the heat treatment for both specimen A and B.

    Thank you. Hav a nice day
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    One needs to know the cross sections of the parts being heat treated in the journals.

    Are the heat treatments done on billets or smaller parts, e.g., plates or strip.

    Some companies use strip mills and the annealing time is determined by the length of the heat treatment mill/furnace and speed of strip.

    Surface hardening is often accomplished by induction elements with a particular speed of the part through an induction coil.
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