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Steel plate/sheet

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    What is the difference between steel plate and steel sheet.I need to buy a piece that is 7ga and 6"long/6" wide to mount 2 -4"bearings on that will be on top of a oven at 525degF.What grade steel to use and plate or sheet?
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    The difference (between plate and sheet) is primarily related to the thickness, and is not of much importance either way. I think a sheet is usually 1/8" or thinner, but then I've heard of 1/4" plates also referred to as sheet metal. 7ga steel is 3/16". Most common stainless steels (302/304/316/317/410/420/430/440) can be used at working temperatures which are typically above 1000F.

    McMaster Carr sells a 6" X 6" X 3/16" plate of stainless for $20 or thereabouts.

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