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Homework Help: Steel Presentation

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    I am currently studying A-level physics over here in the UK. I now have the task of preparing a 15 minuite interactive speach which counts towards my final mark.

    My choosen element for this speach is Steel.

    I have searched the internet and looked in books but I am finding it very hard to find any think relevenet mainly due to the large quantity of the information.

    I am just wondering if you can help me with the key features of this material, such as the Youngs Modulus or any other key points about it.

    Any help is much appreciated as it counts towards my final grade,


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    The best way to start is to break your requirements down into sub topics. Some of my suggestions would be:

    - Composition / constituants
    - How is steel made?
    - What are the many benefits of steel?
    - What are some of the drawbacks?
    - What makes steel special? (phase transformation / heat treating /cold and hot working)
    - Comapare to other materials like aluminum.
    - Uses
    - Different alloys / types of steel (definitely do not forget stainless steel).

    As you found out, there is a lot of information out there. You are going to have to be specific in your searching to help make any sense of it. Your library should have plenty of materials resources on the topic. Any basic engineering materials text will also discuss steel in detail.
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