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Steel versus Zinc Chloride

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    Hi ,

    I am looking to coat the inside of a small nickel plated steel can (about the same size as an AA battery casing) with a conductive graphite layer that has enough density to prevent ZnCl2 (zinc chloride) reacting with the steel.
    The can is filled with some ZnCl2 and I am trying to prevent the ZnCl2 from reacting with the metal whilst keeping the lining of the can highly conductive.
    Can this be achieved by paint or other form of coating ?
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    Quantum Defect

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    Don't know if it will work, but we used to use something called "Aquadag" to paint on a nice flat-black graphite coating. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquadag

    Somehwat surprisingly, you can buy it in little bottles via Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/water-based-Conductive-Colloidal-Resistance-brush-cap/dp/B008OVGH9A
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    Thanks , Aquadag does not provide enough conductivity (too much resistance) , really need to keep the graphite pure.
    Alternatively I am thinking about Ag as a coating , does Ag react with ZnCl2 ?

    Thanks !
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