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Steer by Wire System

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    hello, i am a final year student doing electronics engineering. For my final year report i made the
    mistake of choosing steer by wire as a project which i really cant handle. However, i am expected just to touch the subject just on the surface. It really is a very hard topic for my level.

    I am also expected to show some results as instructed by my lecturer. what i am inquiring is that is possible for me to just make a basic steer by wire system on simulink matlab? i just want to show a basic system and not so complicated. its just that sort of turning wheel left and right and it will show on the graph. i dont even want to take into account speed/friction etc

    it sorry if i sound like a noob. i really am. thank you for taking your time reading this
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Sounds like a fun project. What research and reading have you done so far? You can also read about Fly By Wire systems, which will have many of the same elements in them.

    Show us what you have so far...
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    hello sir, thank you for your reply. what i have got so far are just the literature review, advantages/disadvantages of the system and applications. basically just words. what i need to put in are some results/simulations/graphs which are my own. this is where i am stuck at. i have also read about fly by wire but it is somewhat further than i intend to go.

    my main reference is now :Paul Yih's Dissertation on Steer by Wire from Stanford University.

    I am really in over my head on this one. any sort of help from anyone will do. Thank you so much
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    if its possible for anyone to guide me on making the simulation on simulink it would really be awesome. i have squeezed through google like anything and still am here
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    This is your school project, and at the PF we are not allowed to do your schoolwork for you. We can answer specific questions and provide hints, but you must do the bulk of the work on your school projects.

    What does your block diagram look like so far? How are reliability and redundancy addressed? Since you are final year in electronics, what microcontrollers have you worked with? It might be easier to prototype the project using C code on a microcontroller to control the steering servos...
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