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Steering angle

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    how can we calculate maximum steering angle of a car. i have the following details:
    turning radius = 4.6 mts
    wheel base= 2360mm
    also can you please suggest the relation for steering angle and turning radius and what are the values necessary for calculation of steering angle .
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    Have you tried looking at any automotive engineering books?
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    Have you tried looking at any automotive engineering books?

    sir, i have tried searching the net so far, can you please suggest me any sites also
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    Hi Varun,

    You can use the quote feature by typing
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    Ranger Mike

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    see post in Mech Eng forum

    Race car suspension Class

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    Ranger Mike
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    i will definetly check up and come back.
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    It also depends on what you mean by maximum steering angle, do you mean acutally how much the wheel rotates, or how much you turn as they are not the same thing.

    At low speeds your max steering angle is simply determined by the geometry of your suspension and wheel/arches. ie you put the steering lock before the wheel rubs on anything.

    At higher speeds, slip angle of the tyre is what controls the turn. It is related (but not linearly) to steering input.

    As far as I remember this was convered in Ranger Mikes suspension class.
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