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Steering mechanism of rc car

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    hello guys..i'm trying to make my first rc car..but m not getting the steering mechanism for it..is the steering mechanism for real cars applicable on it..?:confused::mad::uhh:
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    Ranger Mike

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    can you used the steering mechanism from an automobile on your RC..??

    you can but it would be pretty heavy..

    seriously .. the linkage principles can be applied ( these were derived from horse and buggy designs as a matter of fact)

    there are numerous RC racers on this post..just ask them
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    thanx buddy...but i was just asking about the principle..using pinion and rack..
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    You could of course use a rack and pinion arrangemnt. Getting something the correct size might be tricky. There has to be manufacturers who make RC steering arrangements. I would have thought that a go cart type steering would be better.

    The acutaly physical mechanism for turning the wheels is the easy bit.

    How are you actuating the system?
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