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Automotive Steering mechanism

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    can any body tell me how to turn the front two wheels of an 4 wheeler in different angles by making small changes in conventional steering mechanism.
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    Ranger Mike

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    google ackermann effect on standard steering system
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    hey i am thinking of turning of the right and left wheels in different direction.
    eg:i want to turn front right wheel in 90degree and the left wheel in 54degree.
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    It might help to explain why you'd want to do something like that or what you're trying to accomplish.
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    The steering knuckle is usually connected to one side of the centre of the wheel to make the wheel turn. Adjusting it such that it connects to the other side of the centre could help you achieve this, although I'm not sure how accurately.

    Watching this video might give you a better idea of what I'm talking about:

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    im in last yr mech engg and i am doing my project on minimum turning radius in which i want to turn one wheel at 90 degree and the other at an angle around 55 degree
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