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Stellar online database

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    I am looking for a On line or downloadable stellar highly detailed database.
    Nasa had a excellent one but seemed to remove it from (NASA Star and Exoplanet Database (NStED).
    Wiki has lots of detail on there website but its star by star basis.I want to analyse
    large batches of stellar data at once.

    the website simbad is ok but lacks complete info.

    I may begin some work in Gyrochronology but need rotational velocity.

    Thanks very much
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    robertrej, welcome to Physics Forums!

    Is what you are seeking here at the Sloan Digital Sky Survey?

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    Yes that looks very good, I just have to brush up on my SQL a bit .
    The Nasa database was a little easier to use but I believe this one is more complete
    and I can produce very precise reports .
    I will follow up a bit later as to my progress.

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    I thought I'd kept up with the field, but that's a new one to me ! Many Thanks for teaching me a new word and a fascinating technique !
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    Vizier is a good source of all kinds of astronomical data. It includes a large number of databases, including SDSS.
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    Well for now I am back to the Nasa Exoplanet database due to its simplicity.
    I am able to search for star data if I go to Modify field .They have a convert results to CSV format function which I can than import to MYSQL and work with that data as I see fit.
    I performed a star search which produced 56,000 results.( mass = .4 -2.4).

    CSV = comma separated data file format.
    MYSQL -Oracle: open source database program.

    Have a good week

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