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Stellite: sustitute material

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    In our chemical company, the pipe spec for check valves prescribes stellited material for disc and seat.
    Now, suppliers are having a hard time meeting this specification.

    Are there other materials with comparable properties that are more commonly used?

    Mostly suppliers offer SS (eg A351 CF8M)

    Fluids go from water, nitrogen to hydrocarbons.
    Press/Temp starts at -28°C/9 bar over 50°C/18 bar to 350°C/4 bar

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    Check valves are not typically made with stellite for the seat. Most checks are soft seated. In other words, they use a plastic or elastomer seat to provide the sealing. Stellite might be used in abrasive media or where metal to metal sealing is required but is otherwise not very common as I'm sure you're aware.

    Most large companies will have in house standards that components must meet and the reason for these kinds of specifications is that people in your company have had problems that were resolved using stellite so I suspect your company has some history behind the decision to go with stellite. Regarding A351, that material is not particularly wear resistant nor is it very hard like stellite. It wouldn't be a good substitute for stellite.
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