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News Stem Cell Research

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    ok... here is something interesting. I take it most of you havent heard, but the most populated state in australia (New South Wales) has just passed a bill (act of parliament) through the lower house to legalise stem cell research in the state. Do you agree or disagree with this?

    Personally, i think stem cells are the best thing we can research with. Is it true that it is possible to get the cells off the umbilical cord which are better than any from an embryo. Diseases need to be cured and if stem cells save us... i think thats what needs to be done
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    What type of stem cells does the New South Wales law address? I'll bet it is embryonic stem cells - human. Is this type of research illegal in Australia? It isn't in the USA, although you would think it is from all the hype surrounding the issue.
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    I am all for all forms of stem cell research.
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    Are you aware of the limitations on embryonic stem cell research in the US?
    Congress has tried again to pass a bill that would allow scientists to use donated embryos.

    See also

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    Yes, its not illegal.

    C'mon Evo, be more precise! Should read, "Congress has tried again to pass a bill that would allow scientists to obtain federal funding to use donated embryos." This kind of research can be done in California (New Jersey, Conneticut, Virginia and Indiana as well) any time you can obtain funding from the State. Privately funded research is still allowed. Federal funds can be obtained to use the existing lines. How is this so limiting?
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    im personally very for stem cells and research with them i think they are a great step forward for humankind as a race.
    but we were doing this ethical debate in a theory of knowledge class a few weeks ago... it seems some people (especially those who cant have babies) are very against it.

    its only (pending approval in the upper house) legal in New South Wales of australia.. no where else yet.
    The cardinal who resides in Sydney spoke out quite harshly about it claiming that any catholics who support it should not be eligable for communion in church... wow
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    Well, let's all pray that the Cardinal gets a rare disease that only stem cell research can cure. Maybe then he will change his tune. Honestly, society should not tolerate this kind of stuff, especially when it comes to significant medical advancements.

    This reminds me of the church against people cutting up dead bodies to study them back in the middle ages. Its a good thing we have made steps forward since then.

    [/sarcasm] :rolleyes:
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    Another Presidential veto, this time in disguise. It is blatantly obvious that he is advocating his own religious views, distorting scientific research into a subject that very well may produce the biggest discoveries in medicine since learning to wash your hands.


    After three days the fertilized egg has about 150 cells and is called a blastocyst. In contrast, the brain of a fly has about 100000 cells. Also, if one is concerned about 'killing' the fertilized egg, one is actually creating a Holocaust every time you scratch your arm or blow your nose.

    I think that the personal opinions of a religious fundamentalist should not outweigh the needs of humanity, especially with so much evidence on the table for the promise of stem cells.


    Private funding can only go so far. This project needs US federal funding.
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