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Homework Help: Step potentials

  1. Feb 21, 2008 #1
    Considering a step potential of V(x) = o when x<o and V(x) = Vo when x>o so step occuring at origin of x axis.
    Write down in words the strategy for solving it.

    Solve the time-independent schrodinger equation for V=o when x<o and find the solution for the free particle wave function at x<o, which describes the general solution of the standing wave.
    Solve the Time-independent schrodinger equation for V=Vo when x=o to find the solution for one positive plus one negative exponential decay, where the positive exponential decay does not make physical sense since a solution that gradually goes to zero is expected.
    At the boundary x=o so both solutions equal each other. equate then to find solution to continuous wave over the boundary.

    Could someone tell me if this is right

    thank you
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