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Step relay?

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    step relay?????

    Hi everybody

    I heard that there is a step relay device and I didn't see it.

    Can anyone help me about it?
    I need information and pictures


    Best regards
    Ahmed Hassan
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    Re: step relay?????

    Look up "stepper relay" on Google. plenty of replies there.

    These relays are mechanically complicated but the principle is easy.
    A current is passed through a coil of wire. This attracts a piece of iron which moves a little lever with a hook on it.
    The hook pulls on the teeth of a gear wheel one tooth at a time each time the coil gets current.

    This causes the relay to rotate the wheel in steps. This might then cause the wheel to turn electrical contacts on and off.

    You could use this to switch to turn lights on in sequence or you could use it to switch telephone lines. Old telephone exchanges used to use these for doing this.

    You could use it in a washing machine to turn on the water then the motor and so on.
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    Re: step relay?????

    They're also called "stepper switch".

    http://www.sscnet.ucla.edu/geog/gessler/topics/step-switch-1-24-b.jpg [Broken]
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    Re: step relay?????

    Thanks for all
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