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Step towards a brave new world

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    Could it be that genetics permits to make the mix of two oocytes rna to make a new fertilized egg ?

    This would lead to a kind of brave new world where only women are needed ?
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    If you mean DNA then yes, it is technically possible and we've been capable of doing it for quite a while:


    As far as I'm aware it's never been done in humans, being illegal in most nations. As for a "brave new world" I'd be extremely wary about using that term as the original story had a huge amount of depth and social commentary that may not apply in this case.
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    What i mean is that we take two eggs from different females they both contain half the code and put all in one egg, does it fertilize ?

    A society were there are only females would indeed be quite different. But would it be better ? No men for hard works for example.
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    As shown in the link above it had been done in animals, it's fairly likely it's possible in humans too.

    The fact that two women could have a biological child in no way implies that society would suddenly be all female. That's utterly ludicrous, you realise that most women are heterosexual and choose to start families with men? If this technology was approved for couples who wanted it it would not stop the large majority of children born to heterosexual couples.

    In addition women are also capable of hard work, whilst men might be on average stronger that does not mean we have total dominion over manual labour. Especially given that much of modern manual labour is tool using.
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    Well it is not a sudden change but something on the long term and it remains science-fiction. Such a society would be quite boring I suppose since it would be asexual moreover.
    it is difficult to find a good idea for social fiction.
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