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Stephen Hawking books!

  1. Jun 4, 2010 #1
    Recently on my high school graduation an engineer uncle of mine gave me two books by hawking
    1)God created the integers
    2)On the shoulders of giants
    I have gone through the books but could not understand how will they be helpful in engineering please guide me how to use them to my benefit
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    Both books are anthologies of famous papers published in their respective fields. I haven't looked at On the Shoulders of Giants, but I believe it has several famous papers from famous physicists on the development of physics.

    As for God Created the Integers, it is a book full of many of the proofs and great works done by mathematicians over the centuries. It covers many, many famous theorems.

    I wouldn't say that they directly would help engineering, and both are tough to read through cover-to-cover. The best way that I could see them in being useful is giving you a very deep understanding in many of the basics you learn your undergraduate classes. Don't read them sequentially, but if you find a topic which you'd like to learn more about, going through the proof as well as Hawking's insightful commentary is definitely a must.
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