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Stephen Hawking Does DDR

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    jimmy p

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    HEY!!!! he is cheating!!! all those wheels means that he isnt going to miss one of the pads!
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    that just seems wrong on so many levels...not sayin it didnt amuse me...poor guy
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    poor guy!? man he gets ALL the ladys at partys!
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    Telling women that you have an abnormally large medulla will work wonders :wink:
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    Nothing is funnier than laughing at the handicapped. I wouldn't have even cracked a smile at this video if there wasn't a soundtrack. The singing along with the song cracked me up.
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    WHAT?! He has an abnormally large medulla OBLONGATA!!?? (I always liked that word for some reason... :smile: ) :biggrin:
    Oooooo....... :cool: I'M impressed!!... :wink:
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