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Stephen Hawking

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    Hi All,

    Is Stephen Hawking still able to communicate with the outside world or has he become totally incommunicado?

    If he is able to communicate, is he still contributing to the field?

    Thank you,
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    His most recent publication was "The Classical Universes of the No-Boundary Quantum State " in 2008, so it's questionable whether he is still "actively" contributing to the field, but at least as recently as September of 2009 he was the Lucasian chair of mathematics at Cambridge (he has stepped down since then.) He gave a lecture at CERN in late 2009 on the spontaneous creation of the universe.
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    Ben Niehoff

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    He can certainly still communicate, but very slowly. He has a device that can track his eye movements, I think...you can probably look it up. I don't know if he still does a lot of active research...I think most of his important, calculation-heavy stuff was done much earlier, when he still had the use of his limbs.

    He does give lectures, painstakingly written out beforehand. He can converse in real-time (albeit slowly), thanks to some sophisticated software using the eye-tracking. From what I understand, he has a lot of pre-written responses stored on his computer and can select which one he wants to say. Questions requiring more depth can be answered by writing out a new response.
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    Who is Stephen Howking ?
    I doubt his lecture is very boring
    edit: i asked so because i attended most lectures by old professors and none of them could made me laugh, their monotonous voice just vould nver wake me up especially if the previous nigt I hhad to watch stars movie or busy online learning how to do businesses
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