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Stepper Motor Control Question

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    Hi All

    I am using a ULN2064B to control 2 stepper motors, and the input to the IC is directly from an I/O port on an 8051 microcontroller.
    The stepper motors are 24V, and "apparently" need 800mA each to operate. Does this sound correct? And is this safe with the ULN2064B?

    Basically, as I am aware the output is inverted, so to turn a coil from a motor on I apply a logic 0 to the corresponding input pin on the 2064B

    Any help would be great.
    Cheers guys
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    iam realy sorry please forgive me all
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    No worries, you were just a little confused about where/how to post.

    Could you supply a pointer to the datasheet for your IC? What are its voltage and current ratings? Does it show an application circuit diagram for driving a stepper motor?
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    i need asoftware(windows XP) to calculate the sun position ,the enteries should include the longitude to tenth of a second , time to the second and altitude.The utility is to produce the azimuth and elevation to the center of the sun to an accuracy of 0.1 degrees and better if pssible,the simpler the better.
    thank you for your time
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    Thank you berkeman
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    I googled sun azimuth elevation calculator, and got lots of hits. Here's the hit list:


    You could also change the word calculator to software in the google search, to get more general links.
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