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Stepper Motor Selection

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    Please I want to know how to select the proper stepper motor for a particular application and what are the calculations needed.

    thank you
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    You can start by:
    • explain & define your application
    • define the motion mode requirements: constant, oscillating, variable, what?
    • identify the peak torque requirements
    • identify the holding torque requirements, if any
    • torque requirements will define the voltage requirements for the motor
    • mounting requirements
    • shaft size & design of any associated couplings
    • method of control & I/O requirements
    • much, much more

    It seems you need a crash course in motion control engineering using stepper motors. Go to the stepper motor manufacturer websites and download their Application Engineering Manuals. Those things usually make a pretty good pass at teaching this subject.
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    Thank you so much!! :)
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