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Stepper Motor Torque

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    currently I am working on robotics application.

    I am using RC Servo motor (because of the size and the torque it can generate)

    however we want to upgrade it either to Brush DC Motor, or Brushless DC Motor, or Stepper Motor.

    I have been searching for Brush and Brushless, however I forget to check about stepper motor.

    I would like to ask, is small size Stepper motor (arround 10 cm in length) is able to generate high torque up to 1.5 Nm? if it is not possible, is there any gearhead to boost the torque? (just like the brushless DC Motor)


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    I'm sure if you look up the specific stepper you are thinking of using online you will find some specs...
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    any website that you can suggest? Thanks
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