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Stepper motor vibration

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    Hi everyone,

    For a project i'm working on, i'm mounting a stepper motor against a wooden, round plate. This wooden plate is again fixed on a table. The stepper motor is fixed to the wooden plate using 2 metal brackets. The stepper motor itself drives a round object of about 0.4 kg that is directly coupled to its shaft using a coupler. The problem is that the motor provides great torque, and can drive the load with no problem, but from the moment i mount the brackets onto the wooden plate, or even push the brackets against the mounting plate, and try to start the motor, it won't work. If i lift the brackets off the plate, it works again ...

    I'm guessing this has something to do with vibration. I tried all kinds of frequencies, but that doesn't help. Is there some kind of standard mounting i can use? The motor is size NEMA 17.
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    Check that the motor shaft does not protrude from the rear of the motor and gets blocked by the wooden plate.

    You can reduce vibrations by using microstepping (if your controller allows that), by using dampers (such as viscous inertial dampers), and by staying away from resonances.

    When driving heavy loads with a lot of inertia is often helps to use a gear reducer.
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    The motor is 'hanging' on the wooden plate, meaning the brackets are on the same side as the motor shaft. So the rear side is facing down vertically. Microstepping is not an option since material has already been bought. The load is really light and starts perfectly when the motor isn't mounted.. It really has to do with vibrations, as i explained in my first post.

    Where can i find such dampers?
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    We use these, usually attached to the rear shaft of the motor.

    http://www.orientalmotor.com/products/accessories/clean-dampers-rbk.html [Broken]

    Edit: Disclaimer: I am not associated with this company or product in any way other than being an occasional user.
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