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Stepper motor working

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    Hey guys,
    I am planning to use a stepper motor for a project of mine(Auto clutch system)

    I would like to know if the stepper resists rotation if the power supply to it is cut,as this will be useful when we decide to shift the clutch to our control.
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    hi there
    have you played with a stepper motor ?
    have you tried turning it when there is no power on it ? that is the resistance that there is to turning ( excluding any load resistance)
    some are easy to turn, others are a little more difficult

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    Hi, i have not purchase 8
    Hello, i have not purchased it yet.It is an extremely high torque motor(85 kgcm)..that is why i wanted to know.Thanks
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    The data sheet will have the detent torque:

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    Look at the spec sheet for the stepper controller. It might have a break function.
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    If you short circuit the motor when the power supply is cut, I assume that the motor will resist rotation even more, because it will work as a generator, and will heat its own windings.
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