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Steradian Question

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    Hi, How can I measure one solid angle of a cuboid, at least a non-sphere shape?
    I've read about steradians on internet, so I haven't studied it in any textbook.

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    A cuboid with the sides (a), (b) and (c).
    I think the total steradians of it is 3602=(129600*π)/360=720π

    V = a*b*c
    V = (4π(r3))/3

    ((3*a*b*c)/4π)(1/3) = r
    ((3*a*b*c)/4π)(2/3) = r2

    ((3*a*b*c)/4π)(2/3) * 720π = A

    Is that procedure correct?
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    I wrote incorrect above, right?
    If a circle and a rectangle have totally 360 degrees, therefore a sphere has the same amount of degrees (4π) as a cuboid has.

    So this should be incorrect ((3*a*b*c)/4π)(2/3) * 720π = A),
    and the correct one should be: ((3*a*b*c)/4π)(2/3)) * 4π = A

    All I want is to measure one point's degrees in a cuboid.
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    Don't use 360^2. That would be stedegrees or something. Not steradians.
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