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Stereo images

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    Maybe this is a strange question for this forum, but you guys tend to surprise me with great answers...so..
    A few years ago, a teacher of mine showed me a stereo image. He explained that it was two photographs taken 2.5 inches next to each other. This gives the perception of depth. Its like the Viewmaster we all had as a kid.
    I took the photographs but I don't know how to make the viewing part.
    Anyone got an idea?

    Thanks for your time
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    I've always wondered the same thing.
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    To make 3D pictures, download cPicture (it's free):


    Run in advanced user mode (if you run in standard mode, choose "Switch user mode" in left menu).

    In "Advanced tasks" menu choose "Create 3D pictures" and follow instructions.
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    You can teach yourself to see a single 3d image from the 2 stereo images with no optical aids. You need to hold the 2 images about a foot from your nose, the trick is to keep your eyes focused at infinity, rather then on the nearby picture. When each eye is looking at its own image, your brain will superimpose the separate images and recreate the 3d image. This is the same thing needed to see the 3d stereograms so popular a few years back.

    This is something any 5 year old can do..... With 10 years experience.
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