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Sterile Nuetrinos : explanation for DM?

  1. May 12, 2006 #1
    "We present a comprehensive analysis of constraints on the sterile neutrino as a dark matter candidate. The minimal production scenario with a standard thermal history and negligible cosmological lepton number is in conflict with conservative radiative decay constraints from the cosmic X-ray background in combination with stringent small-scale structure limits from the Lyman-alpha forest. We show that entropy release through massive particle decay after production does not alleviate these constraints. We further show that radiative decay constraints from local group dwarf galaxies are subject to large uncertainties in the dark matter density profile of these systems. Within the strongest set of constraints, resonant production of cold sterile neutrino dark matter in non-zero lepton number cosmologies remains allowed."

    The Nature of dark matter remains a fundamental problem in cosmology and particle physics. Much can be gained from the inferred non-gravitational properties of the dark matter such as it's decay, annihilations, interaction cross-section with baryonic matter, and kinetic properties. [1] A class candidate dark matter particles with no standard model interactions, but couplings to the standard model neutrinos via their mass generation mechanism, are the sterile neutrinos"

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