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Stern-gerlach math resources?

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    I'm wondering if anyone knows any good resources to learn the math involved in describing atomic states and outcome probabilities in Stern-gerlach experiments.

    This is to help me with my coursework, but I can't find a single online quantum course or anything that deals expressly with this. Most quantum courses start with introducing Schrodinger's equation and stuff like photoelectric effect and the hydrogen atom, but my intro quantum course deals only with determining probabilities for outcomes in Stern-gerlach experiments and the associated mathematical framework.

    If anyone has some sites/books that they know of which deals with this stuff it would help me a lot!

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    The math is pretty straightforward, it is just basic probability theory combined with some linear algebra. This should have been covered in your math courses.

    I can't think of a QM book deals explicity with the math, most books will just assume that you already know this stuff (although books like Sakurai uses the S-G experiment to introduce some of the notation etc that is specific to QM, such as bra-ket notation).
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    Feynman's Lecture on Physics Volume III has pretty good explanations of spin without delving into details of angular momentum operator math.
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