Sterngerlach experiments problems, please help

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HI there, I was assigned 7 hw problems but there were three I didnt know how to answer...
please help, any hints on how to start would be appreciated.

#3 the state of spin-1/2 particle that is spin up along the axis whose direction is specified by the unit vector n=sin (theta) cos (phi) i+sin (theta) sin (phi)j+cos (theta)k, with theata and phi shown in attachment given by
|+n> = cos (theta/2)|+z>+e^(i*theta) sin (theta/2)|-z>

a) Verify that the state |+n> reduces to the states |+x> and |+y> for angles theta and phi

b)Suppose that a measurement of S(sub z) is carried out on a particle in the state |+n> What is the probability that the measurement yields ((hbar)/2)? and ((-hbar)/2))

c) Determine the uncertainty (change of S(subz))of your measurements

#7 a) what is the amp to find a particle that is in the state |+n> from problem #3 with S(sub y)=hbar/2? what is the probability? check result by evaluating he probability for an appropriate chocice of hte angles phi and theta
b)What is the amp to find a particle that is in the state |+y> with S(sub n)=hbar/2? What is hte probabtility?

#8 Show that the state
|+n> = sin(theta/2)|+z>-e^(i(theta)) cos (theta/2)|-z>
satisfies <+n|-n>=0, where the state |+n> is given from #3 Verify that <-n|-n>=1


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First of all, you need to read the thread at the top of the page (of the homework help section) about guidelines for posting homework help. With that said I have these questions for you: What have you done so far? Are we supposed to answer these questions straight away for you? I sincerely doubt anyone will. Either way, we cannot help you unless we understand why you don't understand the problems and where you are getting stuck. Please post what you have done so far. Also make sure that problem number eight is written correctly.

edit: didn't realize what forum I was in- my apologies